Warranty Terms and Conditions


This Mobile Phone Limited Warranty applies to all mobile phones purchased from ELPIZO TECHNOLOGY. It covers any defects in your mobile phone under normal use during the Warranty Period of 60 days from the date of purchase. ELPIZO TECHNOLOGY will repair or replace, at no charge, any mobile phone or parts of the phone that prove defective during this period. Repairs are typically completed within 28 days from the date we receive your device for service.


This warranty does not cover issues caused by:

Physical Damage: Such as screen damage, lines on the screen, ghost touch, charging port damage, or changes in display color.

Liquid Damage: Including damage from water or oil spills.

Electrical Damage: Such as short circuits or IC failures.

Apps from Unknown Sources: Devices with apps installed from sources other than PLAYSTORE, GALAXY STORE & APPSTORE are not covered under this warranty.

Unauthorized Repairs: Repairs performed by individuals or service centers not authorized by ELPIZO TECHNOLOGY void this warranty.

Uncertified Accessories: Damage caused by using uncertified accessories, including chargers, not provided or recommended by ELPIZO TECHNOLOGY.

Warranty Service Process:

If you encounter any issues with your mobile phone, please contact ELPIZO TECHNOLOGY immediately. Our experts will assess the problem and provide you with the most suitable solution. If your device is found to be defective within the Warranty Period, we will swiftly repair or replace it, ensuring minimal disruption to your mobile experience.

Out-of-Stock Products:

In the rare event that your purchased mobile phone is out of stock, we will promptly order it with our next shipment. Rest assured, the waiting time for the replacement will be a maximum of 2-3 weeks.

At ELPIZO TECHNOLOGY, we are dedicated to delivering exceptional mobile phone solutions and unmatched customer satisfaction. Thank you for trusting us with your mobile needs. We look forward to providing you with outstanding service and support.